Knifezone Shipping Costs

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $249*
* Free regular shipping on orders over $249 before taxes and shipping and only shipping to Canadian Provinces

Shipping costs will vary depending on your location see below.
Price is per SHIPMENT and a single shipment can have ONE or MORE items in it.

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Price per Shipment
in Canadian $'s grohmann
Short Item Shipping
Short items
(Under 32 inches or 81 cm long)
Large Item Shipping
Oversize Items
(Over 32 inches or 81 cm long)
All Canadian Provinces
$14.99 grohmann
One or More
Short items

$25.99 grohmann
One or more
long items
Call for quote
All Canadian Territories ** $20.99 grohmann $37.99 grohmann Call for quote
USA $29.99 grohmann $49.99 grohmann Call for quote

All items we ship are insured against loss or damage

Some orders will ship within a few days, however to avoid disappointment, Please allow 2 1/2 - 4 weeks (up to 20 business days) for delivery of your items.

We keep some inventory in Tisdale, SK but we sell over 20,000 unique items. Therefore, in order to keep the costs down for our customers, depending on popularity, not every item may be available in Tisdale, SK every day. We will inform you by email when to expect your order.

If we kept everything we have online in stock, the prices wouldn't be as good as they are. We would also have to monetarily support a warehouse the size of a football field to house everything. Having a building that large would be quite expensive.

Please be sure you have used a complete "Canada Post Friendly" address for your order. Canada Post now uses computer verification. This means that if the address is not perfect or an apartment or suite number is missing it will get half way to its destination and then it will will be returned automatically by Canada Post. This will increase the cost of shipping and cause a long delay, as we will need to contact you for additional shipping cost recovery before an item can be sent again.

To protect our customers we will require a signature upon delivery.
The address you enter as you check out will be verified against your credit card address. They must match therefore be careful how you enter your mailing address. Shipping address must match your credit card address.

** Shipping to the very far north (air stage see FAQ) will require additional fees. Customers in NU, YK, NWT in Air Stage locations please contact us for a shipping quote.