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Canada's Premier Online Knife Store - Shopping for a folding knife, hunting knives, kitchen knife, pocket knife, survival knives, combat knives or throwing knives ? At Knife Zone™ Canada we have tantos, bowie knife, samurai swords, swiss army knives and many more made by buck knives, coldsteel, spyderco, sog knives, kershaw knives and grohmann knives.
A Trusted Canadian Company in Saskatchewan selling Quality Knives and Swords since 2000  
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Can't find the knife your are looking for? We sell over 20,000 knives, swords amnd other items in 600 brand names.
Please give us a try and complete this FORM to get a quote on items not yet on our website.

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At the moment we have over 3000 knives, swords, flashlights, etc.. available in our online catalog. We will be continuing to add new brands so check back often. If you have a favourite knife brand you would like to see next on the website e-mail us with your suggestion.

Customer Comments:

Excellent service and support. The kind of personal service you don't see much anymore. Looking forward to my next order and thanks. Dave - Sidney, B.C.

To Pauline the owner of Knife Zone. This is a short note to let you know that I received my Grohmann Deer and Moose knife today. It is a beautifully crafted knife and I am very pleased with it. I expect to have it for the rest of my life, and am sure I will get many years of reliable service with it. I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that your excellent customer service has been greatly appreciated. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I would be pleased to recommend your company to my friends and colleagues. Please do keep in touch, and I wish you continued success with your business.
Mike from Don Mills, ON

"Thank you for your very pleasant letter, and enclosed a cheque for the rebate for shipping. I am very pleased with my purchases, and frankly, somewhat awed by your Company's professionalism when it comes to customer service. Kudos to all involved, and I'll be back. Again, 2 thumbs up!! Best regards"
Ray F from Ontario

"I just received my Cold Steel Spartan, and I am very satisfied with it. The blade is wickedly sharp right out of the box. Shipping took about 5 business days from order placement 17 March to delivery 26 March. The best part of knifezone for fellow Canadians is no brokerage fees :) I ordered a sword from the U.S. and paid $90 extra on a $240 order for shipping & customs fees. Great customer service as well. I have already placed another order with Knifezone :)
- Dan from Toronto, ON"

"I consider myself lucky to have found, they have raised the standards I have for online web stores. The prices and selection are excellent, and I have never dealt with such friendly and helpful staff - through a web store or in person. In addition, I was kept informed of the status of my orders from when I place up to and including when a package is shipped, which is far more than I receive from most vendors. I am definitely a loyal customer and I have recommended Knifezone to friends and family for any knife and tool purchases they may need to make."
Jonathan R. from Dewinton, Alberta

"Thank you Knifezone for the quick shipping and the great knife I received !!! I ordered the Sog Flash II, Black TiNi half-serrated blade... and to my surprise, it was the brand new "Arc lock" model !!! I wasn't expecting this! I already recommended your website to my friends and colleagues, not only for the great selection of knifes, but also the superb customer service."
Stephane L. from Granby, QC

"Completely satisfied. Knifezone took the time after a long weekend to personally call me with a status update, within 5 minutes of me asking for one, instead of emailing me back. Item was shipped and delivered right on time and the packaging was great. I am glad I did business with this company."
James G. from Ajax, ON

"I received my (knife) today ... I wanted to thank you for your uncommonly courteous and attentive correspondence regarding this transaction. Thanks again; I would gladly buy from Knife Zone again."
Martin D. from Montreal, QC        more testimonials ...

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Buying a Sword Online for Canadians

Buying a sword has two basic areas to consider. First, you need to know exactly what you want and second where they are going to purchase it from. There are many different styles of swords such as samurai katanas, Claymores, rapiers, roman swords, Greek swords, movie sword, fantasy swords to mention a few. These swords will be further divided into three groups:

1. Inexpensive swords will look good but are not battle ready. They may not look like a historical piece. Due to high chromium levels they may not need any maintenance. A common manufacturer of these swords would be United Cutlery.

2. The moderately expensive swords will look good and will be strong enough for battle. They can look like a historical piece. However, they will be heavier swords, possibly using forged steel and they will require some maintenance like degreasing and re-oiling. Manufacturers of swords in this range would be Cold Steel and Casiberia.

3. The most expensive swords will look great and will be strong enough for any battle. They will very much look like a historical piece. However, due to high performance steels like Damascus steel they will need maintenance like degreasing and re-oiling after each use. Manufacturers of swords in this range would be Paul Chen and Cold Steel.

A note worth mentioning the term "battle ready" means different things to different people. Battle ready for medieval re-enactors means the blade is unsharpened so as not to injure their opponents. Yet, battle ready for a japanese katana sword means it will easily cut mats, rope or green bamboo.

Once you´ve chosen your sword style, how much you wish to spend and whether the blade will be sharp or not, it´s time to pick an online sword store. There are thousands of sword stores in North America and most of them are in the United States. This is where it becomes more difficult as a Canadian consumer The problem is when the sword crosses the Canada/USA border. Surprisingly the problem is NOT from Canada Customs. Unlike Canadian knife laws, all swords regardless of length or sharpness are LEGAL in Canada. Problems with shipping a sword across the border are as follows:

1. High cost of international couriers. Within the U.S. ,courier costs are very low. However shipping to Canada that figure can easily go to 3 to 10 times the normal U.S. rate. Some courier companies will flatly refuse to transport a sword across international borders. Not to mention additional brokerage admin fees charged by some couriers on top of normal brokerage costs.

2. It´s a fact of life that the courier company which delivers your sword in Canada will likely refuse to ship it back to the US if you need to do a return. Shipping into Canada is considered normal but shipping into the U.S. a sword is considered "dangerous goods". Therefore, couriers will ship swords into Canada but NOT back into the U.S. This makes returns rather difficult.

3. There´s a risk of being sent a factory second sword (a flawed sword) when you pay for a sword without flaws. Factory seconds are less than half the price of normal swords. This is especially difficult to deal with when return shipping is so difficult.

4. Naturally, there is always a risk of fraud. Canada´s consumer laws protect Canadians against fraud, but only from Canadian companies. They are unable to protect against companies outside of Canada.

5. Some Canadians have reported that some companies outside of Canada, have even ground down a sword edge in order to guarantee no problems at the Canadian border. As they wrongly believe a sharpened sword will be seized. This in turn makes the sword almost worthless.

I recommend that all Canadians looking to purchase a sword refer to a Canadian dealer first. The seemingly low price for a sword in the U.S. may turn out to be more expensive than you bargained for.

When picking a sword dealer find out how long they have been in business. Check to see if they list a real mailing address and not just a box number. Also, do they have a toll free 800 number ? Do they answer emails ? Are they knowledgeable ? Are they committed to good customer service. If you can say yes to these questions, about a sword dealer, then you have made a wise choice.

Pauline Favreau
President and Owner of

we accept visa, mastercard, amex, discover, money orders and pay pal
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